Custom website development services -

Custom website development services

Create your own online presence and keep your business open 24 hours a day and accessible from anywhere!

Whether you need a powerful landing page, an amazing photo gallery, a professional blog, an online store, or a presentation website that represents your authority and professionalism in the online environment, you've come to the right place.

In addition to other web development services, mobile application development and custom software development, offers professional custom website creation services.

Custom design

We believe that, as in human reality, in virtual reality we must be unique, free and independent.

So why depend on a predefined website design, web design that the neighbor has, and that does not correspond to your preferences anyway.

Our entire portfolio is based on specialized custom software solutions, developed from scratch. We thus take the security of the products to a very high level and respect the preferences of the clients regarding the functionality and the design without being limited by the structure of the platforms and modules of the predefined websites.

Design personalizat -
Abordare diferita - offers a different approach

We offer consulting and help you develop your idea. We take the time to study your business and its potential, then make a decision to choose the ideal technology.

And most importantly, everything is responsive design and SEO optimized from the beginning. The custom websites we build are delivered with the administration platform and user guide.

Customers thus become autonomous in the subsequent management of the website platform delivered by us. If necessary, we can help them with website support / maintenance services, with its modifications, etc. We offer a custom administration platform for the website, created by us according to the clients' needs so far and updated for each website creation project. Our panel allows you to adapt, track and manage the standalone website. This will help you differentiate your business.


What does our professional website design package contain?

Creating a professional website that can be used by you through a panel developed by us. CMS - Content Management System, made according to the needs of our clients - the administration panel is created by us, it is not a predefined one like Joomla, Wordpress, OpenCart etc.

The administration part can also be adapted to order according to your needs and design.

The administration panel will contain:

How to manage the pages of the site with the possibility of changing the structure of the pages and their content.

How to manage page categories with the same possibilities as the previous one;

Module for media content with the ability to add and create image, video, document and video galleries;

Modules for managing products, orders and delivery methods and how to create offers per customer, product, shopping cart or voucher if you choose to create a website that will serve as an online store;

Installing a specialized Google API to track customer actions;

The way to manage the members who register on the site, which will include the history of transactions, their balance, the direct mailing method to propose offers, methods of granting benefits and of course the possibility to modify, delete or register new members;

Modules for managing offers, services, team, newsletter, messages received from the site, slideshows, users;

The administration panel will also contain the way to manage the connected social networks as well as a way to view the data received from Google Analytics (we no longer need to check the data on visitors in the Google Analytics platform);

Site menu module.

Panou Administrare -
Frontend client -

The frontend part (client part):

Creating custom web design and creating the structure of the website;

Implementation of menus, slideshows, members section with offers and benefits, filters, search sections, order and booking sections, purchase sections and other elements of the site;

Installation of e-tracking modules, payment modules and various modules / APIs from vendors.

We will discuss together the design and structure of the website showing you some reference models and we will offer you the opportunity to choose from a variety of topics that will then be processed by our web designers.

The creation of the website will be carried out according to the latest development rules established by the World Wide Web, built and optimized according to the SEO norms approved by Google Inc.

The website will be designed with responsive design, according to Mobile-Friendly Test by Google, adapting to all mobile devices and will have a short loading time, respecting the rules of PageSpeed ​​Insight by Google Developers.

Logging in to the admin panel will be done using the Google Identity Toolkit API and the Google Account, thus increasing the security of the website.

The website created by us will be managed from an SEO point of view, performing an SEO audit at the end of each month, for a period established in the tariff plan.

There will also be an administration period in the Google WebMasterTools dashboard, as well as Bing and Yahoo.

The website will also be listed in the Google indexing directory and optimized after a thorough study of the relevance of the keywords in the content.

The package will also contain a period of technical administration.