Terms and conditions

Please read our conditions carefully before placing an order. Using the Website-www. www.vvtam.ro and the placement starts online represents your acceptance regarding the conditions presented below. Also, the launch can start on www.devteam.ro means signing a distance contract between the consumer and devteam.ro. You will be able to withdraw this contract within 14 calendar days, and the details for which there are withdrawals are present on the return and guarantee page.

The methods for paying the value of the items purchased on www.devteam.ro are present in the "shopping cart" page, accessed after accessing the shopping cart from the top right of the screen. These are: Cash on delivery (the courier will be paid the value of the items and the possible cost of transport), Bank Transfer (payment will be made by bank transfer to one of the accounts devteam.ro - note that for these transfers, the bank through which make the transfer will charge a fee for a transaction), Credit / Debit Card (you will make the payment after completing your card details in a secure platform - note that by choosing this method will be charged a fee for your account)

Our team makes every effort to present you as accurately as possible the colors of the products presented on our website. However, the color tone of the product you are viewing is closely related to the technical specifications of the monitor on which it is displayed. Therefore, the shade of the product may differ in minimum limits from the shade displayed on the site, an inconvenience that cannot be attributed to our company.
Our company reserves the right to refuse any order that contains erroneous identification data of the buyer or delivery (code of the destination locality).

Once an order is placed on www.devteam.ro, it can be canceled only by contacting us by email or at one of the phone numbers displayed on the site. The customer cannot cancel the order from his account.
When changing the status of an order from Confirmed to Shipped, it can no longer be stopped from delivery. The only way to withdraw from the sale-purchase contract is to follow the instructions on the return and warranty page.

Also, in the case of orders paid online, there is the possibility of refunding when the customer no longer wants to deliver the ordered products, but also the partial refund of the amount paid, when the customer wants to give up one or more of the ordered products or when, from for some reason, the ordered items are defective.

The maximum value of the obligations of our company towards any client in case of non-delivery or improper delivery is the value of the amounts collected from the respective client.

When the consumer receives the items ordered on devteam.ro through the courier company or by mail, the responsibility for damage or loss of the items lies with the consumer. Thus, in case any claim will be made related to the loss or damage of the received items, it will be made in person with the representative of the courier company.