Software consulting, development and testing

by an experienced team

How can we help you? How can we help you?

DevTeam provides complete software solutions for customer needs, from consulting and software development and testing using the latest technologies. We have experience with a wide range of projects made both for the web, such as websites or web platforms, and local systems  or mobile applications, such as self-service kiosks or Android and iOS mobile applications.

How we work?

We offer you guidence

We offer software consulting to choose the best technologies and architectures for your project. We estimate your project costs and make you a price offer.

Software development

We make the software project or kiosk you need and test it in difficult conditions to ensure that we deliver to the highest standards.

We provide maintenance

We provide maintenance so that your project benefits from new software updates and so that your team benefits from technical support all the time.

Who we worked with?

DevTeam Client - Medicover
DevTeam Client - Hyllan Pharma
DevTeam Client - Profecund
DevTeam Client - Scania
DevTeam Client - Onlinet Group
DevTeam Client - Solaron Construct
DevTeam Client - Meevo
DevTeam Client - Zenda
DevTeam Client - Angro Zenda
DevTeam Client - TrigoTravel
DevTeam Client - Cote Wines
DevTeam Client - Proiectari Lucrari de Arta
DevTeam Client - Tubosider
DevTeam Client - Rexsteel
DevTeam Client - Gradinita Numarul 218
DevTeam Client - Reinvent Consulting
DevTeam Client - Adsem Marketing
DevTeam Client - KPI Talents
DevTeam Client - Syncreate Consulting
DevTeam Client - D8 Made
DevTeam Client - EventPay
DevTeam Client - SaveTimeClub
DevTeam Client - Redist
DevTeam Client -
DevTeam Client - TEO Driving school
DevTeam Client - EasySSM

What software technologies do we use?

Technologies used by DevTeam - Inteligenta Artificiala
Technologies used by DevTeam - Deep Learning
Technologies used by DevTeam - Tensorflow
Technologies used by DevTeam - .Net Framework Coding
Technologies used by DevTeam - .Net Core Coding
Technologies used by DevTeam - Java Enterprise Edition Coding
Technologies used by DevTeam - Python Coding
Technologies used by DevTeam - PHP Coding
Technologies used by DevTeam - Laravel Coding
Technologies used by DevTeam - React Coding
Technologies used by DevTeam - Vue Coding
Technologies used by DevTeam - Bootstrap Coding
Technologies used by DevTeam - REST API Coding
Technologies used by DevTeam - Android Coding
Technologies used by DevTeam - iOS Coding
Technologies used by DevTeam - Swift Coding
Technologies used by DevTeam - Jira
Technologies used by DevTeam - Git
Technologies used by DevTeam - Github
Technologies used by DevTeam - Bitbucket
Technologies used by DevTeam - SQL Server
Technologies used by DevTeam - MySQL
Technologies used by DevTeam - MariaDB
Technologies used by DevTeam - MongoDB

What software projects have we done?

Devteam - Solutii software si Kiosk-uri Self-Service

Software Solutions and Self-Service Kiosks

We create Self-CheckIng Kiosks and develop automation software solutions
We develop specialized custom software projects according to the specifications and needs of our clients.
In general, our projects are delivered with an administration panel and there is no need to purchase additional modules. Our portfolio is based entirely on customized projects and does not use existing platforms on the market.
We offer consulting when clients do not have well-defined projects and we offer them support for their development from A to Z.
We have developed various software solutions, from Self-Service Kiosks, reporting systems and ERPs, to deep learning classification systems and mobile applications that allow the control of a drone through hand gestures or that make the drone autonomous. 
In the development of our specialized software solution projects we use the latest technologies and programming standards. We thus take the security of the products to a very high level and respect the customers' preferences regarding the functionality and design without being limited by the structure of the predefined platforms and modules.
We are open to learning new technologies and that is why we are constantly improving. We can develop specialized software that uses technologies such as Big Data, Data Meaning, Cloud Computing, Computer Vision, Image Processing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Deep Learning.
We develop software that runs on all types of devices, including stand-alone solutions for unmanned aerial vehicles such as drones or software solutions for Self-Service Kiosks.

Web platforms

We create specialized web platforms for various industries
We develop specialized web platforms on the requirements of our clients. Our portfolio already includes web platforms with multiple destinations such as online programming, recruitment platforms, e-learning platforms, ticketing platforms, tourism platforms or e-commerce platforms.
In general, our web platforms are created using PHP technology and the Laravel framework. For the design part we use the latest version of the CSS framework, Bootstrap. Most of our platforms communicate with suppliers through the REST API from where they automatically get the necessary products or offers.
All our platforms have an intuitive and easy-to-use management panel, made entirely by our team. This guarantees a high security against cyber attacks.


Devteam - Platforma Web Table Card Card coloured Pin
DevTeam - Aplicatii mobile Android si iOS

Android and iOS mobile applications

We make both native mobile applications and progressive web apps
Many of our projects are applications made on platforms like Android or iOS. We like the usual projects, and an example from our portfolio is the mobile application that allows a drone to become autonomous.

App & Web Design

All our projects are WEB Design Responsive, with simple and intuitive design
Both specialized software development services, e-commerce solutions and web applications, and mobile application development services, developed by, are based on an attractive responsive design, adaptable to all screen sizes and models.
In the web design responsive development process we use adaptive techniques so that the result obtained looks good on any device. We take into account both the size of the screens and their resolutions, as well as the architectures and specifications of the systems. We pay special attention when it comes to the design of our software because we know what an important impact it has on your customers.
DevTeam - Web Design App & Web Design Table Design
DevTeam - Web Design Business co-financed from the European Social Fund through the Sectoral Operational Program Human Resources Development 2007-2013.