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About DevTeam

Founded in mid-2015, DevTeam emerged from the desire for a technological evolution and to be close to the customer with IT solutions to help him manage his business as productively as possible to cover the business needs of what. increasingly complex.


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Why DevTeam?

We are a team of specialists with tens of thousands of hours of study in Computer and Information Technology, with a rich experience in business consulting, development and implementation of information systems, with advanced studies in Digital Imaging Techniques, Intelligence Algorithms Computational, Neuro Informatics and many more, ready at any time to model the needs of our client's business and to offer the most suitable IT solution, ensuring the improvement of the degree of competitiveness and performance.

DevTeam's mission is to provide its partners with customized, optimized software solutions for business efficiency and control.

Our goal is to develop technological solutions that work as autonomously as possible for the interests of customers.

Our offer includes software solutions whose value has been confirmed in the domestic and international market.

The whole range of solutions is constantly evolving, optimizing with improved variants and having new functionalities, thus ensuring a high level of competitiveness from a technological and functional point of view.

Who did we work with?

Our principle of providing quality, non-preferential services has helped both start-ups at the beginning of the road to create their own story, and industry giants to optimize their workflow or automate things they had never thought of.
Client DevTeam - Medicover
Client DevTeam - Electromagnetica
Client DevTeam - Hyllan Pharma
Client DevTeam - Profecund
Client DevTeam - Scania
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Client DevTeam - SanProd
Client DevTeam - Solaron Construct
Client DevTeam - Meevo
Client DevTeam - Zenda
Client DevTeam - Angro Zenda
Client DevTeam - TrigoTravel
Client DevTeam - Cote Wines
Client DevTeam - Proiectari Lucrari de Arta
Client DevTeam - Tubosider
Client DevTeam - Rexsteel
Client DevTeam - Gradinita Numarul 218
Client DevTeam - Reinvent Consulting
Client DevTeam - Adsem Marketing
Client DevTeam - KPI Talents
Client DevTeam - Syncreate Consulting
Client DevTeam - D8 Made
Client DevTeam - EventPay
Client DevTeam - SaveTimeClub
Client DevTeam - Redist
Client DevTeam -
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