Platform CRM - Management personal recruitment - MRP

General characteristics
Secure access through the web interface (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari);
User and password authentication, encrypted;
Multilanguage platform developed on the latest technology;
Configurable workflows;
Possibility to export data in excel / word / pdf;
Daily database backup;
Recruitment mode
Management of data on candidates;
Contract and project management;
Automatic invoicing based on contractual tranches or milestones;
Project management: planning, budgeting and monitoring the project execution;
Registration of purchases through invoices;
Management of suppliers' balances;

Registration of collection and payment documents (payment order, promissory note, cash, credit card, etc.);
Management of lists of unpaid and uncollected invoices;
         Employee statements;
Customer segmentation based on multiple selection criteria;
Defining marketing campaigns and following them in the system;
Client and candidate portal
Differentiated client / candidate access;
Candidates will be able to view open jobs, recommended by the system, according to their profile;
CRM - Customer Relationship Management
Registration of Leads and contacts;
Generating and organizing the electronic agenda through activities;
Managing the communication history with the client.