Mobile calendar application for fertility Profecund en

Application description

Profecund is an application for monitoring the regularity of the menstrual cycle, the ovulation calendar and fertility. The Profecund app provides an extensive database of articles about the menstrual cycle and ovulation, as well as alerts.
The Profecund application is a calculator of the ovulation calendar and a friend of fertility.


The ProFecund application keeps a journal that makes accurate predictions about menstruation, ovulation and fertile days.
Enter the start date of menstruation, the average duration of bleeding and the average duration of the menstrual cycle, and the ProFecund application will calculate the fertile period and the day of ovulation.


The Profecund application will send notifications related to the cycle and fertile period, as well as notifications related to medication.

Medical and scientific knowledge

Learn more about your body, the menstrual cycle, ovulation and fertility with the application of Profecund. Get support with the ProFecund application with access to the extensive article base.