Online Shop - Ecommerce Platform - Zenda si Angrozenda en

Realized project:
- -ecommerce platform with over 10,000 products, 60,000 users and up to 100,000 page views per day;
- -contains the products from grouped by series, depending on sizes or other characteristics.

Modules and functionalities developed:

- Online payment processor integration;
- Connection and integration with eMAG MarketPlace;
- Integration Profitshare, 2Performant, Google Remarketing, Google Tag Manager, Google AdWords, Markup & Structured Data, Open Graph, Facebook Developers,,
- How to connect to courier platforms and automate the delivery process, choose different couriers depending on location, type of user or amount in the shopping cart;
- Invoicing mode with the possibility of automatic invoicing, multiple reversal and export of invoices for automatic integration in the Saga;
- Geolocation mode with display of the latest products purchased depending on the area;
- Stock alert mode;
- GDPR module;
- Newsletter module connected with MailChimp;
- Module for managing users and administrators with up to 10 access levels;
- How to change the website design;
- Reports: Profit, Orders, Invoices, Users,

- The way of offers with the possibility to set percentage or value offers, of products, categories, shopping carts or vouchers with limited time, for various types of client.