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REXSTEEL is the South Korean brand that first patented REX-PLATE steel structures.

REXSTEEL structures are versatile for roads, railways and industrial applications.

The production consists in the mechanical formation of flat steel plates with curved and corrugated shape which are then hot-dip galvanized. The perforation for the holes for the mounting bolts is made before the galvanizing of the corrugated plates and on request an additional protective layer can be applied depending on the aggressiveness of the environment.

The engineering structures executed in REX-PLATE system, are made of corrugated sheets that are assembled together by bolt joints.
In Romania, the administrative team chose the software services in order to develop a website that would rise to the quality of the services offered by them, to have a modern, innovative design, with various images with virtual effects, with a content and a the structure is easy to manage by their team of architects in the web administration panel which can be accessed from a multitude of devices and the responsive structure with a low loading time.